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aboutWhat is Feel J-Scent?

This is a project for the fragrance brand, ‘J-Scent’ with its Japanese motifs,
that seeks to capture the essence of something invisible: fragrance.
Immerse yourself in the world of J-Scent through Japanese culture and art
that knows no bounds and that reverberates with all five senses.

projectNo. 1 is the world of
fragrance x music video

The first project is a music video world created by omoimegurasu,
an artist who also worked on J-Scent’s web design.

J-ScentBlack Leather

For the detail
J-Scent Black Leather × omoimeguras

Music artistomoimegurasu

For the detail


Video created by You of omoimegurasu.
Using a kyo-sensu (Kyoto paper fan) scented with Black Leather, a Japanese ambience is created.


Using J-Scent’s ‘Black Leather’ as inspiration, omoimegurasu wrote a new song.

Writing the Song

Creating a song from a fragrance was a first for omoimegurasu, but we made new discoveries in the connection between sound and scent, and so it was a valuable experience. The mysterious and smoky allure of ‘Black Leather’ was reimagined through Yu’s low and scratchy vocals mixed with the deep echoing reverb effects. From there, the changing kick and bass gradually built up the elegance and sheen. The jacket design was produced using these concepts of creating the music and putting them into a concrete image. - omoimegurasu Nanri -

2019.11.1 DIGITAL RELEASE!! omoimegurasu

Black Leather

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Production Interview

The world of ‘Black Leather’ created by the duo of omoimegurasu.
We asked them to look back at this experimental project which
tries to represent “fragrance” through music and video.
As producers and artists, what was it like for these two to work on this project?
What processes did they go through to bring “Black Leather” to completion?

[Photo L⇒R] You , Nanri

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