Japan - a country with four rich, distinctive seasons.
J-Scent was born in Japan;
Experience the singular culture of this land.

Japan - a country with four rich, distinctive seasons.
J-Scent was born in Japan;
Experience the singular culture of this land.

The sensu, or folding fan, is a uniquely Japanese design with a history dating back about 1200 years, and was popular with the Heian Period nobility.
It was considered a valuable accessory, that was made of different materials depending on the season, or had poetry or various scents dyed into them to be used as love notes.
They eventually found their way to China, and then Europe, where they were treasured by the aristocracy in the west.

The fan surface of Kyo sensu are made of materials from Kyoto and the rib frame is made of materials from neighboring Shiga.
Only manufacturers that are members of the Kyoto Sensu Cooperative Association can use the label of Kyo sensu for their fans.
Designated as one of Kyoto's traditional crafts, there are 87 processes and a division of labor by skilled artisans work to create these superior quality fans.

J-Scent, the Japanese fragrance created in Japan, has been added to the original Japanese folding fan.
Ohnishi Tsune Shoten has been specializing in folding fans in Kyoto for over 100 years, and now J-Scent has collaborated with them to create a limited-edition original folding fan with the Black Leather fragrance.
With our original logo on the rib frame, the fan surface is adorned with the Japanese style design from the perfume packaging. Every time the fan is opened, the smoky, dignified scent of Black Leather permeates the air.


Closed : 8.7 inches (H) x 1 inch (W)
Open : 8.7 inches (H) x 15 inches (W)


box, cloth case
(fragrance not included)


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The scent of aging, smoky black leather, evoking a sense of melancholy.
Opening with leather top-notes laced with hints of bergamot, this scent is filled with romance from the black leather touch that gives a sense of melancholy, to the unexpectedly captivating sexy nuances of jasmine flower and the lingering scent of smoke.
Received the Best New Niche Fragrance for "Pure Beauty global awards 2019" sponsored by the UK publishing company HPCi media.

Top Notes

Leather, Bergamot

Middle Notes

Tobacco, Jasmine

Last Notes

Oakmoss, Amber, Musk, Vanilla

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*shipping only in the U.S [Detail]

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